Four Fishermen…and a book.

We had a wonderful holiday to the East Coast of Malaysia in April. We took the dogs to a fantastic (and dog-friendly!) place called Ruby’s Resort. I’d heard about it through the on-line Siberian Husky forum here in Malaysia. Everyone swore that both the Resort and Ruby, kinda funky and friendly, respectively, were great. And they were right.

It was a lovely weekend filled with lovely dawns and evenings, when it’s coolest. Our cabin was air conditioned–a godsend with Alaskan Malamutes. Being able to have the two woolly beasts with us and on the beach, where they’d never been, was an experience. It’s difficult to find pet-friendly lodging in Malaysia, to begin with. To find it air conditioned and welcoming to dogs was indeed a treat. You can read about Ruby’s Resort here. To see more of my photos, click this link.  There’s even a malamute photo–Rogue,  leaving her footprints on the edge of the South China Sea. Imagine that!

One of the outcomes from the weekend was the hours spent with Photoshop playing with the pictures. At the same time, I was taking an on-line ‘Writing Our Way Home’ writing class that focused on Eastern styles of writing, and especially “small stones”, as a pathway to spiritual exploration.

Below is one of the photos and poems from that weekend. After the online course (and another that followed it in May) ended, I decided to put some of the poems and various photos I’d taken in Malaysia into a book as a gift for my parents and so created my first “blurb” book using BookSmart software. You can read it online here. Or simply click on the photo of the orangutan at the bottom of this post.

Here, then, a poem and photo from the the book…



a father and his sons
with nets and sacks
walk the sands
as men have done
since time began
laughing and talking
and watching the sea
they stop
they confer
they cast a net
(if ‘yes’)
or walk on
(if ‘no’)
as men have done
since time began
laughing and talking
and watching the sea

Here’s what the book looks like; click on it to read it.


~ by UKCynthiaT on June 23, 2011.

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