Yes, it rains. And the nice men come to your car with big red umbrellas so you don’t get wet.

There are two seasons here in Malaysia. They are both monsoon seasons. However, the monsoon varies on the coastline of Peninsular Malaysia (where we are) so I guess that counts for variation. Malaysia essentially enjoys ‘tropical’ weather, but the best part is that it is never too hot. Humidity is a ‘common feature’, I read on the weather website, and had to agree as I stood in the sunshine looking at the garden of a prospective house yesterday on the hottest day yet, sweat running in rivulets down my neck.

Photo courtesy of the Malaysia Weather site...the lovely cooling rain.

How could it not be humid, given we are on a long peninsula, close to the coasts on either side? And October-November is one of the big rainy seasons here on the West Coast, where Kuala Lumpur lies. That said, rainy season is the best time to spot turtles which come out to lay their eggs–so there is something for everyone. There are lots of turtles here. We have already seen some!

With the exception of the highlands (more on that wonderful exception in my next post) the climate is by and large moderately hot and extremely sultry.

So, yeah, it’s warm. It’s very warm. Outside. Mostly, though, we go from one cool box to another, with forays into the heat to go see things, and then duck back into a cool box (mall, restaurant, museum, car, hotel, mall, hotel, restaurant) to get cool again. I joked the other day that I doubted my dad would need his second fleece here–at least outside. There is little variation in the temperature from day to day, year round, because of the proximity (my sources tell me) to the equator.

And they are right. It does rain, especially now. Nearly every afternoon, though it seems to forget some days. I love the rain. I can almost set my clock by it. Usually it comes when I am sitting, writing, and Derek it at work. I stop to listen, reflect, make a cup of tea, watch it for a while and then go back to work. (or take a nap, as yesterday).

It doesn’t last long–an hour, or less, or maybe more. But there are no endless days of rain–this rain is ‘in your face’ and ‘on your head hard’ and ‘guess what? you’re soaking wet ha ha ha’ rain.

KL After the Rain by Ali Nazarian

The rumbling and sometimes the crack of lightening starts, the skies go dark–and the deluge begins. But, see above reminder, it’s all right because it’s not cold and it really does freshen things up a lot. Well, not hairdos. For the unprepared, that can be a bit of bedraggled shock. After the rain, well, it’s just lovely and fresh.

And so it was that we ended up headed to Bangsar Village Mall (one of them) to stop in and get groceries on our way back from a sightseeing expedition. It absolutely poured down rain as we neared the car park. This was building-an-ark-would-be-a-good-idea rain. Or don’t-expect-photos-of-the-rain-because-I’m-not-getting-my-camera-that-wet-rain. You get the point and I’m tired of typing hyphens instead of spaces. These are huge splats and plenty of them.

And what to my wondering eyes should appear? A cadre of tall young men with gigantic red umbrellas sporting the Bangsar Village Mall logo. They wait in the shelter of the mall entrance, each with multiple large umbrellas, and dash out to your car to help you in. The nice young man (I sound like an old woman as I type that…oh, I am an old woman!) came out with two but red umbrellas, handed one to Derek and then came around to my side of the car to assist me and keep me dry. Well, mostly dry. I got wet enough to be nice and cold inside the mall.

After we finished our shopping, there they were again, and off we went again, appropriately umbrella’d (me escorted, Derek left to his own devices with his own umbrella) and me seen safe and dry to my side of the car. Then, the fellow collects the umbrellas and takes them back.

Civilised, or what? It’s really quite wonderful though I might be clever enough to have my own umbrella, wouldn’t you think? Hmmmm. Perhaps when we’re here longer-term, we’ll have our own umbrellas, but in the meantime…it’s nice.


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